A stay at Tubagua Ecolodge is “seeing the real Dominican Republic” says award-winning travel writer

Tubagua Ecolodge wins the Atabey national environmental award for sustainable tourism

Tubagua was one of seven award winners at the 2016 nationally televised presentation

Tubagua’s Trip Advisor Reviews

At this time i would like to thank Tim Hall and his staff at Tubagua Plantation Eco Village for maintaining a wonderful little B&B in Tubagua. This little corner of the garden of Eden that is the Dominican Republic was a restful oasis at the end of a tumultuous journey. Tim there are not enough stars on trip adviser to do justice to the beauty, tranquility and peace we found there. Thanks again


Ken Brown

Tubagua is a “Dominican Treasure”

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Student travel leader rates Tubagua Eco Lodge safety, services

What makes Tubagua a great place for students? We asked the country director for International Student Volunteers in Dominican Republic 2011-2013 to tell us why Tubagua scored on top of the lodging list for ISV students and this is what he wrote:


As Program Coordinator for International Student Volunteers, Dominican Republic, an internationally recognized volunteer and study abroad organization, I am responsible for coordinating appropriate transportation and lodging for hundreds of North American students each season. Tubagua Eco-Lodge provides an excellent option for our student groups, exceeding our needs from a safety and comfort perspective, while offering our students an authentic and tastefully rustic lodging experience throughout the duration of their stay. Our hard-working volunteers spend between 2-5 weeks working long-days at various development project sites in rural Dominican communities, and their safety both at the project site and back at the lodging is one area on which we were not willing to compromise.



From a safety perspective, Tubagua Eco-Lodge has it covered. With over 25 years experience working in the Dominican Republic, the management at Tubagua is acutely aware of all operational challenges when running student programs in the Dominican Republic. They are attentive to student needs, to our organization’s safety protocols, flexible and extremely responsive to particular requests that may arise. Reliable and skilled grounds and maintenance staff made sure all facilities are working properly, including the accessibility and functionality of all emergency and fire systems. The cleaning staff is extremely thorough; both the common areas and the sleeping quarters are regularly tidied and an affordable laundry service is available for our student groups. Lastly, the professional and highly experienced kitchen staff prepare a variety of delicious Dominican and international fair that is both healthy and filling. Food allergies are explicitly and meticulously honored in food preparations and even with some extremely sensitive health and allergy conditions, I am always confident that our students will be in good hands while at Tubagua Eco-Lodge. Safety is our number one priority and it is evident that Tubagua shares this value.



In terms of comfort and authenticity, Tubagua Eco-Lodge is perfect for first time travelers and student groups who’s expectations will be met with local Dominican hospitality and some of the comforts from back home. In fact, students very quickly feel at home at Tubagua, even those that are not used to being in a natural environment or a foreign country. Free and reliable wireless internet allows students to keep in touch with family and friends back home. The natural feel of the Eco-Lodge is only matched by the unbeatable view from the dining and common area (and most rooms), overlooking the Montellano and Puerto Plata valleys stretching to the North Coast. The unique layout of Tubagua seems to conform to the natural architecture of its semi-rural setting, with well-lit slated pathways, flowers and lilly pools, tastefully designed wood framed lodges and a few quirky surprises like an Eco-Gym that all guests enjoy without fail. Tubagua strikes the perfect balance between rustic and comfort, all wrapped in an environmentally conscientious blanket. Tubagua Eco-Lodge is unbeatable in the Caribbean for student groups of all sorts.


ISV has hosted over 2,000 students in the Dominican Republic and Tubagua has not only been the highest overall, student-rated accommodations for two consecutive years, but also the most reliable and desirable lodging option for our student groups.


Kind Regards,


David DeMinico

Program Coordinator, ISV DR

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